5 Key Ingredients Of Memorable Ski Holidays In Chamonix

There is just something to skiing and ski holidays that makes for great memories. Maybe its the feel of freshly laid snow as your feet as you slalom down a mountainside. Maybe it is the vast expanses you explore in a few heartbeats as gravity pushes your body down the snow-clad face of a mountain trail. Ski holidays pack a lot of excitement, thrill, and adrenaline. Here is a quick list of the ten key ingredients you need to make all of your ski holidays memorable.

Mix it up a bit

One surefire way to make your ski holidays totally forgettable is if you keep going back to the same ski resort year after year, season after season. Boring! Talk about sucking the fun out of an otherwise awesome ski vacation. If you have been going to a certain resort for several years, look for another resort that is located in the same mountain range. You will still be somewhat familiar with the terrain, but it will be ‘new enough’ to provide some new experiences.

Bring different sets of friends

Just like with going to the same resort year after year, bringing the same people will make your ski trips dull and predictable. Spice it up by bringing different sets of friends. Every friend has a different personality, and the different mix of personalities and attitudes keep your ski trips fun and exciting.

Try different slopes each time

It is too easy to develop a preference for a certain type of slope. Whether you prefer the intermediate, beginner, or expert slopes, skiing the same difficulty level season after season gets boring. Mix it up by exploring different slopes each time you to the same ski resort. Add a little sense of exploration to your ski holidays.

Make sure you bring the right equipment

Nothing ruins your ski holidays more than using ill-fitting equipment. Ski chalet holidays in ChamonixSure, you can still ski, but you can’t ski comfortably. It’s hard to truly enjoy the slopes when you are experiencing slight discomfort.

Spend some time in the lodge

There is more to skiing than going down the slopes. The lodge packs a lot of fun. There are fun memories to make swapping stories around a fire or laughing at odd moments you and your buddies had during your ski run. Spending time at the lodge and enjoying beverages together make for warm recollections and lifetime bonds.


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